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Mid Autumn Display

24" x 36" oil

Green and Golds

11" x 14" oil

Last Light

14" x 18" oil

Evergreens and Cottonwoods

9" x 12" oil

Evergreen in Autumn

9" x 12" oil

Air of Autumn

20" x 16" oil

Neighborhood Watch

30" x 30" oil

Mountain Gold

40" x 36" oil

Field Decor

11" x 14" oil

Beyond the Pines

8" x 12" oil

Aspen Standoff

36" x 48" oil

Tennessee Road

8" x 16" oil

October Greens

20" x 30" oil

Grotto Falls

14" x 11" oil

Deep Woods Stream

11" x 14" oil

Tree Talk

36" x 36" oil

Early in life, Wes A. Newton was identified as an artist among his family and peers. Newton started drawing when inspired by watching his dad sketch and paint. A paper pad would often become his playground.

In 1985, Wes Newton earned his bachelor's degree in fine art. He has studied at the Art Student's League in New York as well as with nationally recognized artists Wayne Wolfe, Jim Wilcox, David Leffel, Dick Goetz, and Scott Christensen. Though his work is impressionistic, he seeks to capture the reality of a moment, whether it is a wildlife scene, landscape or even a still life.

He paints on location as often as he can in the mountains of Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. From these travels he returns to his studio in Oklahoma City where he paints his experiences for others to enjoy. "Though art is a great investment, I hope that those who purchase or collect my work, do so because it brings them the same pleasure to look upon it as I did when I experienced it."

Wes has participated in the American Art in Miniature exhibitions at the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa in the 1998-2002 exhibitions as well as the Western Visions Miniature Show at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the 2000 and 2001 exhibitions. He is also an invited artist in the Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters National Exhibition.

His paintings are represented in galleries in Montana, Wyoming and Oklahoma City.