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Top of the Morning

8" x 10" oil

Sunny Reflections

16" x 20" oil

Day at the Museum

14" x 11" oil

Summer Glory

40" x 40" oil

First Light

36" x 48" oil

Harbor Visitors

20" x 24" oil

Day Sailor

30" x 36" oil

Waiting for a Friend

11" x 14" oil

Ready the Sails

12" x 9" oil


40" x 40" oil

Diane Ainsworth is a professional artist living in Port Townsend, Washington. She was born in 1944 in Abilene, Texas and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She took art lessons starting at a young age studying watercolors and oils. Diane continued her studies by majoring in fine art at Oklahoma University and the University of Tulsa. Diane traveled around the country with her corporate husband. During that time she always painted, exhibited in galleries and kept up with her passion. Watercolor was her medium of choice at the beginning of her career. In 1985 she returned to oils after being inspired by plein air painters in Taos New Mexico, where she took a workshop. “The colors, texture and richness of the oils were a wonderful combination to express the vivid hues and glorious light of New Mexico.” She was known as an impressionist painter and was a co -founder of the Oklahoma Society of Impressionists. After years of living and painting both in Tulsa and Taos, Diane moved to New Mexico in 1990. She enjoyed the artist colony there and was active in the Taos Art Association. She won awards and today credits the Taos experience as one of the most inspirational and beneficial of her life. While visiting the Pacific Northwest Diane discovered another artistic community in Port Townsend, Washington. Located along the Puget Sound it has a totally different climate and light than the southwest. Here was a new challenge of subtle color combined with grays. There were harbors, water reflections, ships and boats that offered abstract shapes and new inspiration. Now Diane lives in Port Townsend and visits Taos yearly. Two beautiful yet different places that both offer wonderful subjects to paint. She exhibits in galleries across the country including the states of Washington, New Mexico, Montana, Pennsylvania and Georgia. Diane teaches classes and a yearly workshop in her barn studio in Port Townsend.